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A Jennifer Garner Community

About Jen-Fans...

“Why was this LJ created? Aren’t there a ton of Jennifer Garner LJs out there?” Yes, there are a lot of Jennifer Garner LJs out there and some are really wonderful. But let us explain why we put together this site. Our reason is our love for the show Alias. Alias is one of the most original shows that has been created in a long time. Yes, there has been other spy shows but how many actually focus on character development as well ass kicking scenes? How many of these spy shows boasts a cast as talented as Alias? You would be hard pressed find any.

But let’s be honest. Our main reason is Jennifer Garner. Let’s face it, many people who find fame as fast as Jennifer has seem to loose their sense of reality in a hurry. To us, Jennifer Garner is one of the few that has managed to keep a sensible head on her shoulders. Not only is she exceptionally talented but comes across as genuinely kind. That is a rarity in Hollywood. So we decided to express our Jen love with this LJ and we certainly hope you enjoy it.

Besides there is no such thing as too many Jennifer Garner LJs!

Also, this LJ is a part of Jen-Fans!


- When posting news. Give a brief summary first, all additional writing MUST goes behind the LJ-CUT.
- Be sure that your news is NEW before you post, we don't want to hear news from a year ago.
- Make sure that your posts have a point. Make sure your news pertains to Jennifer Garner or any of Jennifer’s Movies.
- Always give credit to whomever or wherever you found the pictures or information.

- NO Spamming
- No bashing, cursing or attacking Jennifer Garner, her family or members or any of the staff.
- Avoid excessive use of ALL CAPS, DiStOrTeD TeXt and kool t@lk.

- The more people we have, the faster this community will grow.

- Graphics, art work, videos, blurbs, stories, pictures and discussions are to be all about Jen. All are allowed, in fact encouraged.
- When posting icons, art work or photos, please use teasers and the rest of the icons art work and photos MUST go behind the LJ-CUT.

Other Rules:
- Please, Make sure all posts are NOT friends only, Jen-Fans is a public community.
- Only members can post and comments.
- Please do not start any rumors here. We will do our best to get to the bottom of every Jen question you have.
- Spoilers. All spoilers for future movies MUST go under the cut and you MUST give spoiler warnings OUTSIDE the cut.
Jen-Fans Stillness Rules...

Basic Rules:
- You must be a member of the community in order to enter the challenges. Please JOIN HERE.
- Pictures may be blended.
- Animations are not allowed.
- Icons must meet LJ standards (100 x 100, 40 kb).
- Textures, Brushes, text, etc. are very welcome.
- Formats .png, .jpg or .gif format only.
- You must use the pictures provided for each challenge.
- You are usually allowed to submit up to FOUR [4] icons, but it may change for certain challenges.
- Credit if you use an icon made by one of the winners.
- Icons should be anonymous, so your LJ name should not be visible anywhere on the icon.
- Cheating will not be tolerated.
- Certain challanges will have extra or different rules, so make sure to read them.
- Please read each rule carefully during each challange.
- Upload your icon to a hosting site like Photobucket or imageshack and post your entry in the corresponding challenge post with both a link and an image included.



- Voting will usually be from Sunday Through Weds.
- Points will be given as follows:
---1st place = 3 points
---2nd place = 2 points
---3rd place = 1 points
---Special category (cropping, etc) = 1 points
- There will also be a special category to vote for each week.
- Please do not ask anyone else to vote for you either.
- You can not vote Anonymously.
Jen-Fans Team...



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If you have any questions or suggestions please send an email to webmaster@jen-fans.com
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